Founding 1994
1st HP National Achievers Club 1997
1st event in USA 1999
Know-How Logo Speerwerferin
Changed to GmbH 2003
First international Roadshow 2004
FIFA World Cup incentive 2006
1st event in Dubai 2006
1st event in Asia 2009
1st event over 500 PAX 2010
1st mega event in Barcelona 2010
Ambassador Awards - Prague Covention Bureau Categorie: Corporate Event of the Year 2013
Know-How Logo round
CI change 2015
1st event over 750 PAX 4000 room nights 2015
1st buy out of an hotel for 720 PAX in Latin America 2016
Move to Bahretal 2016

Who We Are

We are not pretending we are the best event and marketing agency on earth - but if you are in to work with a slightly “different” team – you will find it here!

We are fully professional and will work focused on your vision. We talk openly to our clients and suppliers. We work shoulder to shoulder. We do not hold back with our opinions if we feel that something goes in the wrong direction and needs to be re-thought.

We are hard-working, but at the same time we like to have enjoy what we do and have some fun as well. Believe us: Fun & hard work go hand in hand with each other here!

The Way We Work

Step 1 | Vision
Understand your vision. Consolidation of all data for it to create the draft of the briefing document for all stakeholders.

Our Skills

Content | Ideas91%
Customer Satisfaction100%
Event Production85%
Graphic Design49%
Coffee Making80%
Trade Shows26%

We Know-How

Know-How Event & Marketing is a creative full service agency located in Germany.

It was founded in 1994 and since then we are producing extraordinary expierences. You want more:
We are striving for excellence in every single project and we will keep working hard for you guys.
2000+ Happy Customers and counting - more than 3000 projects completed in over 25 years.
Have you ever had a pink 2m giant walking act on your event? Why not? Let's make your idea real!