HPE Booth @ ALSO CTV 2020

HPE Booth @ ALSO CTV 2020

In 2019 our team delivered a new exhibition concept at the event „Channel Trends & Visions“ held by ALSO Deutschland GmbH for our client Hewlett Packard Enterprise Germany. HPEs software solutions were displayed at the booth as well as some hardware products. Visitors at the event could meet their contact persons from HPE and ALSO, discuss business tasks and new projects. Having a nice coffee or beer in their hands made it easier for them to socialize at the booth. All of the furniture and construction materials we used for the booth are re-usable, all production partners are local companies and we avoid the usual amounts of give-aways. We tried to make the booth as sustainable as possible.

A new edition was planned for 2020. Togehter with our partner - Kay Bunjes | greenobjects - we developed the booth concept and design which is shown in the graphic. The entire pre-production was done as the event was cancelled three weeks before due to the COVID19-crisis.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise Deutschland & ALSO Deutschland GmbH


27. März 2020


design, event