HPE Sales Culture 2016 and 2017

HPE Sales Culture 2016 and 2017

PAX: 135

To show gratitude to the top first-line managers worldwide for their work and results a three-step program was developed and implemented (with three different awards). There was individual coordination and planning with the respective winners of the awards in order to design all events individually and personally.

  • Looking Sharp Award: Getting a new business-attire or accessories by visiting a bespoke tailor shop in the area or receive a voucher (providing a list with recommended bespoken tailor shops in the area or clothing stores for online tailor shops)
  • Red Carpet Award: Choosing between recommended events in the region of the winner: AMS, APJ, EMEA (e.g. Fashion awards, Film festivals, Art shows, High-end sport events)
  • Quarterly Champion Award: Joining a sport, music, show or cultural event in the country of the winners.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise


30. Juni 2017


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