Events Management lectures

Events Management lectures

Since the year 2000 Hartmut has been holding lessons in events management at several vocational schools and academies. In 2014 he received a vocation as a guest lecturer at the „Staatliche Studienakademie Riesa“. Among other courses the University of Cooperative Education provides courses for future events and sports managers in a 3-years-bachelor-studies. In the meantime Hartmut is responsible for the content of four modules:
„Introduction to Events Management“, „Management of Corporate Events“, „Planning and Organization of Events“ and „Corporate Social Responsibilty and Compliance“. He is holding lessons nearly once a week and is involved with the university life in Riesa.

Every year around 25 young events managers are leaving the university and giving very good feedback for his lessons. The combination of the theoretical background with our 25 years of experiences in events management are highly rated by the students.

Photographer: Lorenz Lenk


Berufsakademie Sachsen - Staatliche Studienakademie Riesa


21. April 2020